Snow is Coming

The first good snow of the season is jut around the corner.   Are you ready?

Stock up on salt, find the shovel from the back of the shed, and dig the winter coat out.  It won’t be long until it will be time to brave the cold, bitter wind.

Keep in mind these tips for the soon to arrive snow:

-Laying down a layer of salt before the snow starts will usually take are of the first inch of snow and prevent it from bonding with the concrete

-Rock salt is damaging to grass, plants, and even concrete.  Use a concrete safe product such as magnesium chloride and avoid letting it bounce off into the grass and landscaping

-Use a snow shovel with an ergonomic handle to help avoid back injuries.  An alternative is a SnoCaster, which is a wheeled push style plow used for small areas such as sidewalks and driveways.

-Make sure to wear shoes that have lots of traction to avoid slip and falls

-Dress is layers.  Layers traps air between the layers which acts as additional insulation.  If the temperature is extremely low, cover as much skin as possible with gloves, scarfs, and face mask.  If you experience numbness or tingling, go inside and warm up.

-While out shoveling, think about checking in with elderly or disabled neighbors.  They are more susceptible to the cold, which can cause illness or even death.

Keep these tips in mind to make your snow battles a little easier and a lot safer.

Tip of the Week: Plan for your lawn care needs now

A properly maintained lawn and landscaping starts with a plan. Develop a schedule, pick a service provider, decide what your goals are for the year. Rather you are trying to turn around a messy lawn or elevate it to the next level, it all starts with planning.

Remember to consider the weather, your budget, and your neighbors. Kentucky is known for drastic and sudden weather changes, so make sure to pick landscaping that can handle this. Also, keep in mind your budget. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it may take a few years to get your lawn and landscaping how you want it. Set realistic expectations with your budget in mind for this year. Finally, keep in mind that when you plant that 6 foot tall maple tree this year, that in the future it will grow and can be a nuisance to your neighbors. Make sure to leave a good gap between property lines, structures, and overhead power lines, to save headache, time, and money in the future.

Finally, a knowledgeable service provider that understands your goals and budget needs can make all the difference. We work with not only your vision, but your budget as well. Also, by picking a service provider, you eliminate the risk of planting the wrong thing in the wrong place, or worse, damaging your property or your neighbors. A service provider should be insured and licensed, as well as have a satisfaction guarantee, to cover these issues if they arise.

New Website

We are excited to announce our new website. It helps bring us to the year 2016 by utilizing WordPress to create a responsive and mobile friendly website. It is now easier for customers to access our site from mobile phones and tablets. It has also been designed to showcase our work more and be easier to navigate.

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