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Mon-Sat: 09:00a - 5:00p
Here is a guideline on our pricing. Please keep in mind that these are estimates for an average lawn and may vary depending on specific conditions in your lawn.
Service Size Estimated Price
Weekly Maintenance Small Residential $30
Weekly Maintenance Medium Residential $45
Weekly Maintenance Large Residential $70
Mulch Installation Small Residential $300
Mulch Installation Medium Residential $450
Mulch Installation Large Residential $700
Trim Bushes Small Residential $50
Trim Bushes Medium Residential $70
Trim Bushes Large Residential $100
Outdoor Lighting Small Residential $750
Outdoor Lighting Medium Residential $1250
Outdoor Lighting Large Residential $2000
Commercial Small to Large Call for Pricing

Pricing Conditions

The prices above represent an average lawn with average conditions.  We believe in providing a custom price for each lawn and each service.  Please use the above pricing as a guideline and contact us for exact pricing.