What will a Pre-emergent do for my Georgetown Lawn?

With the lawn care season right around the corner pre emergent weed control is a must! Have you ever stopped and wondered why you has so many weeds in your lawn in the spring? Well, a good answer could be that you have not had pre emergent weed control put down on your lawn. If this is something you are unsure of how to do, you can always stop into our website and see exactly what it is that our team offers to homeowners like you!

What is a Pre Emergent?

Pre emergent works as a barrier for your turf leaving a protective layer under your soil for a period of time! If you take a look at our chart below it explains the week by week how too of a pre emergent. As the product is usually built to last up to 6 weeks you can see how it breaks down below!

Do I need to water my pre emergent in?

Yes, you will need to water in your pre emergent treatment for best results! If you do not it will not be nearly as effective! Be sure when it time for your first lawn care treatment of the season that you go above and beyond to get is watered in! Sure, it’s a bit of extra watering, but it will surely start your season off right!

What does pre emergent help with?

Your pre-emergent helps reduce crabgrass in the lawn by stopping it prior to it germinating. This means that basically it stops the unwanted junk grass before it even TEMPhas a chance to begin its life cycle.

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