While watering your lawn is important to a healthy turf, too much water is a bad thing. Excessive water that has no place to go will stand in your lawn, for days or even weeks before it can evaporate. Kentucky's high clay content combined with the limestone bedrock can make it difficult for water to absorb into the soil quickly. This extra water needs to be channeled away from your home, landscaping, and low spots in your turf somehow.

At Bluegrass Landscapes, we utilize the most advanced drain systems available and have a variety of solutions that fit every scenario. We can install french drains, surface level drain grates, atrium drains in mulch beds, sump wells for better water dissipation, and even tie into your gutter system to get the water away from your home's foundation. We understand that your property is a big investment and we want to help protect it. A drain system can help prevent hazardous mold growth in your lawn and direct water away from patios, low spots in the yard, and away from your foundation.

| Key Benefits of the Service

✔  Eliminate Standing Water Which Can Cause Mold Growth and Turf Disease
✔  Protect Your Home's Foundation
  Eliminate Muddy Tracks and Footprints
✔  Allows Us to Visit the Property Regularly, So We Can Spot Issues Before They Become Problems
  Channel Water to Where It Is Needed