Landscaping is your opportunity to differentiate your property from the next. Our landscaping services can include, but aren’t limited to planting and trimming trees, shaping shrubs, planting and pruning flowers, defining bed borders, replacing the mulch, installing outdoor lighting, and more. All of these services will help make your landscape stand out with vibrant colors and a beautiful design. We are experts at revitalizing outdated landscaping, adding new features, or maintaining your existing landscape to have it at its potential. Bluegrass Landscapes is constantly looking for ways to create a more unique and high quality landscape. Currently, we are pioneering the use of rubber mulch and natural rock borders in the Lexington and Georgetown area. 

| Key Benefits of the Service

✔  Extend Your Property with Beautiful Landscaping
✔  Increase Your Property Value
  Maintain Proper Drainage Around Your Foundation
✔  Keep Trees and Shrubs From Damaging Your Property Due to Overgrowth
✔  Give Your Property that Finished, Polished Look

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