The key to a great looking and healthy lawn is the soil below it. Many lawn care programs are short-sighted band-aids, rather than long-term solutions. At Bluegrass Landscapes, we have partnered with Mirimichi Green to offer a revolutionary lawn care program that is designed to amend and correct soil problems, not just boost the grass for a few weeks with artificial nitrogen. During our lawn care process, you can expect us to use bio-carbon and compost top dressing, liquid organic lawn fertilization, liquid tree and shrub fertilization, pre and post emergent weed control, and synthetic fertilization. You can count on us to keep your lawn healthy and lucious while using our lawn care services.

| What our products do:

  • Bio-Carbon aerates soil creating less compaction
  • Bio-Carbon creates pore space for water absorption and storage
  • Bio-Carbon provides homes for good microbes to grow and flourish, which create fertilizer naturally
  • Bio-Carbon amends soil pH to optimum level for plant growth
  • Compost provides nutrients for immediate uptake
  • Liquid Fertilizer contains Nutri-Release, a product that frees up locked in nutrients in the soil so plants can take them in
  • Create a luscious, thick grass that will work to keep weeds out on its own.
    Supplement with occasional weed control for the tough weeds.

| Key Benefits of the Service

Each service has it's own unique benefit, but overall these services will take your lawn and landscaping from average to extraordinary.

✔  Increase Curb Appeal
✔  Reduce Risk of Lawn Disease and Mold Growth
  Save Time and Money by Preventing Problems
✔  Let the Experts Do It, So You Know it is Done Right
  Set Your Lawn Apart from the Rest

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