Need a regular lawn maintenance service? We’ve got you covered with our lawn maintenance services at an affordable price. When you hire us for lawn maintenance, you can expect our team to cut the grass, trim around obstacles, edge the sidewalks, blow off the hard surfaces, remove clippings from your flower beds, remove weeds from cracks and mulch beds, pickup trash that has accumulated in the plants and turf, and take note of any enhancement projects that could be done to your property to make it even better. Our attention to detail and state of the art lawn equipment sets us apart from other landscaping companies in the area. You can trust that we will get your lawn looking more vibrant and healthier after just one session. 

| Key Benefits of the Service

✔  Increase and Maintain Curb Appeal
✔  Maintain a Healthy, Disease-free Turf
  Save Time, Let Us Do It
✔  Allows Us to Visit the Property Regularly, So We Can Spot Issues Before They Become Problems

For quality lawn maintenance services in Lexington, KY, and nearby areas, contact Bluegrass Landscapes

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